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Ripon Cathedral (Fg. 2-46)

Two of the most highly controversial subjects presented in daily topics of discussion in our modern age are politics and religion, partially due a number of borderline beliefs attached to each discipline known to have ulterior motives. Generally both make claims to provide society with a better life, yet both have their own methods of obtaining money, ensuring survival of the organization in known or unknown ways.

Not all politics or religions are corrupt however, many of the participators do mean well in the progress of society, but do they understand how actions can affect the world negatively? Both promise solutions to problems created by greed, corruption and deception, even-though the very foundations they're built upon are flawed. When drawing comparisons between religion and politics we find similarities because religions such as Christianity exemplify spiritual political practice.

Organized churches, like politics, rely on being an authority of truth to maintain power. From this position they're able to bend or change truths, or utilize a selective retention process to hide truths for benefit of the establishment. The biggest red flag should be that both religion and politics are quick to point out what's wrong, why it's wrong, and how their solution is the best solution to fix the problem without proven fact.

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