Ancient Mysteries & Unexplained Phenomena

Natural Phenomena and Unexplained Life

Life as we know it, is shaped by the ultimate power of nature, from beautiful backdrops as the sun dips below horizons over vast oceans to seasonal weather capable of altering the environment. We sometimes tend to think of mother nature as the bringer of life limited to planet Earth, yet science is steadily discovering the force of nature extends to far and distant reaches of our universe. We understand it's in mankind's best interest to find ways to live in harmony with nature since this force is unforgiving in its pursuit of balance.

Last Modified 2018-12-28
Planet Earth
Planet Earth

Many mysteries follow with this awesome power of mother Earth, and some of the unknowns rest in a borderline area, between being man-made or the result of natural processes. These areas test limits of understanding to a whole new level. Could some strange, unexplained phenomena be simply a coincidence, as a natural process yet to be discovered? Nature creates everything we know to exist, and mankind creates with nature's creations. Some of these phenomena are undoubtedly the result of environmental conditions, such as oak trees living for over a thousand years, the past existence of dinosaurs, unexplained weather conditions, or ball lightning and comet or meteor impacts.

Then we have other types of unexplained phenomena that are difficult to explain as simply something mother nature creates alone. For example, the location of pyramids and other megalithic sites around the world located along a certain path. Is this a coincidence that mankind built these structures here, or was it to take advantage of natural properties of Earth's magnetic field? A similar question arises with eyewitness reports of large creatures like big foot and wild men. Are they part of natural process or did we manifest their existence over time? These mysteries of nature challenge for answers to those questions and more.

Furthermore, scientific research studies into natural phenomena reveal a complex synergy connecting our existence with mathematics. A great example is the golden spiral, which demonstrates how fundamental building blocks of nature seem to be contingent on mathematical properties. This pattern is evident in biological organisms, in the cross-section of plants, and appears frequently when examining distant reaches of the cosmos. The true power of nature is beyond our control, and even-though we may be able to predict or anticipate some events, this very force is random on multiple levels.