Ancient Mysteries & Unexplained Phenomena

The Quest for Space-Time Phenomena Answers

Our universe is so incredibly large that it becomes mind boggling to even attempt to convey its size and impact on reality. In fact, the universe and its mysteries appear to be so big that we have difficulty explaining where it goes and what resides beyond. For this moment in history, with monumental leaps in technology and understanding, we are still unsure of what this really means. The current viewpoint of existence is very much similar to how theorists envisioned planet Earth during middle age science. Like a flat plane extending past comprehension into a horizon which only telescopes gather a faint glimpse, these are mysteries of the universe.

Last Modified 2019-02-13

For everything mankind finds troublesome to understand on this planet alone, just imagine how compounding and complex those attempts become when trying to encompass all of reality outside of the bubble.

Helix Nebula
Helix Nebula, NASA

On Earth, there are certain unexplained phenomena further stimulating mankind's insatiable efforts to explain everything around us. Visitations from mysterious flying objects, for example, propose a notion that mankind is not alone on this quest in a paranormal sense. Like these sightings, there are unexplained submersible events, and those appearing as strange devices flying through multiple dimensions of space perhaps to watch or study mankind's activities on Earth. Coupled with this phenomenon are closely related impacts on human society such as crop circles said to be a message from the flying machines or from a distant planet somewhere out in space trying to make contact with us. Perhaps the following concepts might shine light on the subject.

Explaining human existence and our place within the cosmos requires a process which constantly evolves through time along with advances in technology and understanding. Research brings us to a level, and it is persistence that helps us persevere to the next. Improving technology opens many doors into making sense of the universe. Everyday our understanding grows, but along with knowledge comes more questions. Group data crunching with grid computer setups, for example, have enabled mankind to look at vast amounts of information in a much faster period of time. With everything we discover using this method, there becomes more to search for.