Ancient Mysteries & Unexplained Phenomena

Ancient Mysticism Beliefs

Over the course of history, mankind has often looked at alternative ways to explain our existence. Scientific research continues to make leaps and bounds in discovering more about history than we could ever imagine. Many practices by ancient people are still commonplace today as they ever were, such as symbology, astrology, numerology, mysticism, mythologies, and various prophecies. These concepts sometimes go well beyond traditional scientific method for explanation. They are often compelling, plausible ideas which hold merit to people even-though they rest on a fringe between proven and suggested to be the truth.

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Mystic Spiritual Beliefs
Mystic Spiritual Beliefs

Covered in this section are articles related to fringe sciences, mythologies, ancient technologies, alternative spirituality, and related topics bordering on the lines of an unknown reality. A reality where we become closer to the inter-workings of the universe, where we obtain oneness with ourselves and existence. These concepts demonstrate the creativity of human thought and continue to captivate our imaginations, through mystical realms of the unknown. Mystic ideas often describe oneness in unique ways capable of stimulating our imagination.

Though some of these topics remain unexplained to science, or simply ruled out as unlikely, it's important to note they remain as a significant part of human culture. Roots of factual events may have truly inspired these mystical ideas thousands of years ago, and yet, the fantastic stories remain with us to this day.