Ancient Mysteries & Unexplained Phenomena

Spirituality & Religious Artifacts

With an open mind one can see much of history shrouded in mystery without logical explanations. These occurrences are not limited to our past as they happen on a daily basis, and are sometimes disregarded for they may seem belittling or inconsequential at the time. Most importantly, the growing collective of events both past and present are working to enhance our consciousness and broaden our spiritual horizon, letting us know that we are a part of something bigger and greater than any of us could ever imagine.

Last Modified 2018-12-28
Bark of Amun
Amun's Bark (Fg. 2-0)

Throughout history there are clues and artifacts of divine power which help to explain who our ancestors were, and who they are now as their legends live strong. We can easily look back and imagine the past as a series of pictures, but the true scope of events that occurred throughout time is always more than a million words those images have to offer.

A spiritual sense of being and nature have long been intertwined with mankind's concept of reality. There are thousands of religious belief systems and divine concepts around the world, but in essence they all point toward a singular expression of our existence. Ancient religions give us case by case examples in attempt to justify the rights and wrongs of socially driven cultures and have many profound spirtual concepts.

Ancient religions boost moral, give us hope, and help us attain a higher level of thinking in a conscious reality governed by subconscious action. Human spirituality shows a means to communicate emotion on a level unparalleled to conscious perception of reality while entertaining the idea we are not alone in spirit.