Ancient Mysteries & Unexplained Phenomena

Apparitions and Paranormal Phenomena

Catching the glimpse of a shadow or nearly transparent form in the shape of a person floating around at night can be a life-altering experience on many levels. Such an event is capable of stirring up a number of feelings ranging from shock and disbelief to feelings of calmness and acceptance. Even more interesting about ghostly encounters, is when multiple people witness the exact event and corroborate the sighting without hesitation. These types of paranormal events are eerily reminiscent of encounters with aliens and sometimes happen under similar circumstances. Like alien sightings, eyewitness reports are considered a major source of evidence demonstrating the possibility of their existence.

Athenodorus Haunted House Image
Athenodorus Haunted House

Witnesses also may present photographs or video footage with phenomena that can't quite be explained by any means as a further source of evidence from these events. Photographic and video evidence often faces a higher level of scrutiny when compared to conducting personal interviews. In the modern day of advanced technology, image experts are well aware of the possibilities of photo manipulation, scene staging, and tech rigging that can go on in order to facilitate a hoax. In more times than not, those who counter skeptics resort to the fact a witness may be creditable simply because they have no apparent reason to goto the amount of trouble required to gain genuine believers. There is a level of believable sincerity from the most creditable witnesses, which in many aspects, is difficult to take a skeptical approach.

Despite pressure from scientific communities and skeptic activists, sightings and encounters continue to be reported on a daily basis around the world. Intense psychological studies looking at the overall picture have discovered a strange phenomena. Large samplings from eyewitness interviews describe the exact same encounter with nearly identical details. The most baffling part is, the eyewitnesses do not know each other and live thousands of miles apart. When a distinct phenomena occurs that is witnessed worldwide, it is evidence such as this which becomes most compelling in pursuit of the truth.

Beyond eyewitness reports or photos and videos, strong evidence for ghostly encounters also relies crucially on the historical story behind the sighting. Classic sightings may attribute tragic events as a catalyst, inspiring a soul to return to avenge a wrongful death or set the record straight. Incredible stories and mysteries such as these help fuel belief or superstitions related to seeing a person's ghost, all the while serving as a reminder to future generations about the event. Perhaps ghosts and similar sightings are the souls of past relatives trying to communicate with the living, or maybe they are evidence of another dimension meshing with ours.

For now, though, ghosts and paranormal apparitions remain largely unexplained by many scientific measures. Researchers spend many long hours with innovative types of investigation equipment aimed at trying to capture concrete evidence of ghosts and spiritual communications. A significant barrier of skepticism stands between legitimate researchers and the scientific community. It will take overwhelming, measurable evidence to prove the existence of ghosts, but that has not stopped believers from investing their time and resources into a potential discovery capable of changing everything we know and understand about reality.

Last Modified 2018-12-28