Ancient Mysteries & Unexplained Phenomena

Ancient Mysteries Researcher Study Curriculum

Are you a deep thinker with an insatiable craving for knowledge? Would you, or several people you know like to become ancient mysteries researchers? We have prepared a course overview for independent researchers and teachers to help provide direction and inspiration toward studying this very well-diversified field which involves a collaboration with multiple disciplines. Each section corresponds with the beginner's guidebook and this site as a foundation to becoming an adept, inquisitive, and determined ancient mysteries researcher. The curriculum point-form guidelines establish major subsections covered by a group topic as potential paths to follow. Everyone's approach to each topic is different, and it is this uniqueness that helps researchers discover new answers and new ways of looking at the world and our universe.

A printable reference version of the course is available at:
Ancient Mysteries Researcher Curriculum (.pdf)

Ancient Aliens

  • Predominant references to aliens in relief artwork, artifacts, and historical record
  • Assess cultural impact in both modern and ancient times
  • Envision the phenomena as a whole

Time & Space

  • Cosmological roles which affect human curiosity
  • Otherworldly relationships between mankind, space, and time
  • Wonders and mysteries of the universe


  • Faith-based and religious mysteries
  • Spiritual belief's role with human consciousness and psyche
  • Commonalities among multiple religions


  • Examine topics at the fringe of scientific explanation
  • Ideas and theoretical concepts in mythologies
  • Philosophical thought and similarity in belief systems


  • Places from around the world exhibiting unique and mysterious characteristics
  • Building structures, construction methods, intrinsic value, and worldly influences
  • Similarities between distant civilizations and cultures


  • Parapsychology and paranormal realms
  • Extrinsic influences from conscious awareness and belief systems
  • Metaphysic connection to mystics and spirituality


  • Phenomena appearing as mysterious with potential natural explanation
  • Extreme events as a result of weather, magnetism, and environmental process
  • Unknown creatures with relation to mystics or spiritual beliefs


  • Properties of sound waves affecting matter
  • Visualizing sound and its hidden secrets
  • Using sound to levitate or move large objects for megalithic construction

Unified Theory

  • Examine symbiotic relationships through multiple scientific disciplines
  • Connect mysteries of the ancient world
  • Relate modern interpretation and assess impact on field study


  • Study lore and ancestral knowledge of mysterious creatures
  • Decipher information traceable by historical fact
  • Account for translation, psychology, and ulterior motive


  • Construct model relationships applying concepts from each individual subsection
  • Determine potential for discovery given fact-based evidence
  • Share knowledge and request peer reviews
  • Repeat process

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