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Seventh Sense of Spirit

St Zeno Mosaic
St. Zeno Mosaic (Fg. 2-47)

Beyond extrasensory perception is another. Energy beyond the physical realm connecting to our minds portrays a divine experience on multiple levels. An unexplainable feeling telling us we are not alone, that we are part of something larger. It is the seventh sense, the first after extrasensory, the divine sense commonly known as human spirituality. Religions demonstrate a seventh sense power to masses of people around the world on a daily basis, for it is a divinity deep within the soul, within the third eye, that connects the mind and physical existence. Furthermore, it connects people together as they share this sense as the universe designated it to be.

The seventh sense is the same across all belief systems as those systems are aware of its existence in the universe. How the seventh sense is interpreted varies from person to person, but the essence of its true nature remains uniform. Through this sense mankind is able to refine instinct and feel guided through realities which may or may not be outlined. Spirituality affects directive by sense of compassion and swells with knowledge of the cosmos. The seventh sense enables energy to flow between physical entities and the universal mind.

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† Article 2-47