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Apparitions of Positive Change

Henry Fuseli Aragon
Henry Fuseli Aragon (Fg. 5-30)

There are people who truly believe they have lived past lives and maybe physics provides a practical answer in the same light. It's here, in the place where belief systems turn to suggest our spirit or soul lives on with an afterlife, sometimes manifesting in the physical realm for specific reasons that sometimes we might not fully understand. Moreover, these manifestations are practically always associated with significant events and/or specific emotional stress. The term 'haunting' is synonymous with ghostly apparitions as malevolent beings who may have met tragic ends or endured a life of trauma. Psychic mediums attest certain spirits may act in this fashion in a means to resolve unfinished business in a previous life, to avenge those who brought the spirits harm in the first place, and fortunately not all ghosts come across in this manor.

Some apparitions said to bring about positive change, who warn of imminent danger, and attempt to protect loved ones who still walk the Earth. It's acceptable to say, with the possibility of spirits being our lives after death, these actions adhere to a similar code of conduct people carry out on a regular basis during life; So long as interpretations of ghostly beings and their motives aren't imposed subliminally as an extension of human psyche.

Beliefs of some people may say nothing exists after life and once we die, it's the end to everything, even so bold to say we do nothing more than fill space in the meantime. In a way this is an unfortunate outlook on life, to say we essentially live our life for a period of time and then disappear forever without a trace beyond the dust our bodies have left behind. Consciousness and emotions hint to us constantly, they're trying to tell us there is more to life. Science continuously needs to correct its theories simply because new ideas and concepts of life are always being discovered. Every time one question is answered, thousands follow. Our existence is deeper than black holes are mysterious and there's no telling how capable we might be as an advanced civilization even hundreds of years from now. Cultures around the world have believed in extraordinary ability, in the possibility of life existing elsewhere in the cosmos, that there is more meaning to life than what meets the eye.

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