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Singularity Monopole Origination

Fabric of Gravity
Fabric of Gravity (Fg. 6-45)

Did the universe originate from a quantum monopole? Backup a few steps, stimulate the conscious, find - An idea in contemplation of the relationship between conscious realms and their origin. Back to those points about inception of the universe and how its creation may not be quite as convenient as science explains. Imagine the insurmountable level of potential energy built up inside the point which created the known universe. When the dense ball of singularity matter exploded, if that's how it took place, the dense point must have possessed its own charge(s) right? Quadrupole origination?

Nearly everything mankind has ever documented is known to hold some type of charge as a property of energetic alignment in the universe. Positive, negative, neutral. Gravity is relative to mass and science knows the object responsible for detonating the big bang had an incredible amount of it. Along with gravitational fields are magnetic fields which are responsible for aligning the components of mass traditionally in a north-south configuration.

Suppose the original ball of matter was so massive and so dense that its magnetic properties actually resembled that of the fabled quantum monopole? During the explosion ejecta flew further and further away while maintaining energy in both momentum and its own physical makeup. Over time new objects evolved from basic properties of the singularity origin by taking on mass, gravitational pull, and multiple pole magnetic properties.

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