Ancient Mysteries & Unexplained Phenomena

Mind of the Universe

Shiva (Fg. 2-44)

Awaken. Let the mind relax and open to information all around us. Energy quietly awaits everywhere for the moments our minds find to tap into its endless array of existence. Everyone we know and everything we know to exist is connected by one means or another. Whether this connection can be seen visually, or felt in the depths of the mind, is for the receiver to decide. Instead of perceiving existence as mankind existing for the universe, perhaps the universe exists for us, to facilitate our being and our consciousness. The only true way to find out, is to let go of realities we believe exist to look beyond, toward the horizon between our universe and others.

Are we truly who we believe we are? Minds limit themselves by preconceived notion, that is, if the purest of thought does not set forth than confusion will be made visible. The mind and its connection to the universe seeks honor and respect beyond the things we may want or think we need. Our universe is capable of providing everything mankind requires to exist, and it is naive for mankind to objectify as the epitaxy of all that is and ever will be. Now is the time to look beyond, to put differences aside and discover new worlds of infinite information at our finger tips by connecting the human mind to its true source in the universe.

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† Article 2-44