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Cause and Effect Changes Lives

The Dance of Shiva
Dance of Shiva (Fg. 2-40)

Everyone has heard the phrase at least once in their life, what goes around comes around, and for good reason. As we learn more about ancient teachings, the more evident it becomes that the law of cause and effect is a powerful yet unwritten subtle connection between all things in the known universe. Choose to ignore it and life might become frustrating on a daily basis. The bible speaks of cause and effect on several levels, but it's probably the most well known excerpt that really hits home, treat others how you would like to be treated.

In a simplified way this statement beckons for good to be done to receive good in return. There's also an unwritten rule about the unwritten rule; Mainly that cause and effect seeks pure and sincere goodness without selfish or malicious intent. What is good to some, may not be so great to others, and according to theologists, the universe governs every transfer of good and evil instantaneously even-though an effect might be delayed from its impact.

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