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The Body of Life

Brain Synapses
Brain Synapses (Fg. 8-40)

Our physical presence in the universe is immense and reaches far beyond what we may think our conventional influence might be. Mankind is a history of existence on our planet, and Earth is a history of existence in the cosmos. The physical body connects our minds to nature's physical existence and the transfer of energy between each is symbiotic. This is to say the universe could not exist without us as much as we could not exist without the universe; an idea which extends from the depths of consciousness to expanding particles found throughout the universe.

With this connection realized, transference of energy from system to system must have intended implications necessary to manifest our realities. Can we alter our past and witness those alterations first hand in the future? Certain phenomena in our biological selves, and in nature surrounding us, suggest this idea in a theoretical sense, almost as if we manifest our past by present action. Distribution of energies and their cycles hint at the possibility, that we may connect ourselves to a higher energy and from it bring forward thoughts of our subconscious into reality.

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