Ancient Mysteries & Unexplained Phenomena

Ancient Mystery Video Productions

Compiling video research of unexplained phenomena provides a more in-depth look at ancient mystery subjects which be shared for comment easily. MysteryPile has worked closely with Radio Fonic Oddity, who helped produce video footage and sound tracks for some of our offered videos. Future video-log trips are planned to provide a first-person view of more mysterious sites from around the world. If you have royalty-free home video footage of any subject found on this website, and would like to donate clips to us for creating mini-documentaries, please contact us.

Audio Experiments

Sound and acoustic properties at ancient megalith sites are unique, to the point some theories suggest audio properties were intentionally designed along with the construction. If so, this demonstrates a deeper understanding of acoustics, further elevating perceived intelligence levels of our ancestors. MysteryPile is exploring these construction methods along with interesting sound properties of megalithic sites. Presence of this phenomena requires a deeper look at cultures who influenced the site's creation. Reproducing audio experiments may also help us better understand purposes of incorporating this feature into megalithic sites, and demonstrating this with video footage may best explain the phenomena.

Last Modified 2019-09-21

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