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Shroud of Turin

Imprint on the Shroud of Turin
Holy Shroud (Fg. 2-4)

Subjected to modern science, the Shroud of Turin might be the single most studied and scrutinized artifact believed to be a sacred relic from the time of Christ. The 14.5 x 3.5 foot linen appears to be the very burial shroud wrapped around Jesus after his crucifixion. Several theories believe it to be the work of an elaborate artistic process by which the image was etched or painted directly into the fabric. Unanimously, the question of how the image was formed, and survived throughout the ages, is still yet to be answered. A somewhat controversial theory traces this ancient relic back through history and places it in the hands of the Knights Templar, sometime after 1204 CE, adding to its authenticity. According to some researchers it's actually possible to read a burial certificate of Jesus on a well preserved section. This concept has met scrutiny over the fact certain details such as the certificate might have been added later as the royal cloth switched hands on multiple occasions - The linen swapped hands enough times over the centuries, making it near impossible to retrieve DNA samples from its original owner.

As with other mysterious artifacts of the time, the Shroud of Jesus resembles a significant moment in religious history. Like the Holy Spear, it's entirely plausible royalty and those holding prominent positions of power would take any necessary means required to secure the priceless artifact for themselves. Many researchers determined there is a real possibility of authenticity in that it's likely the image is of a real crucified man. Whether or not the image is Jesus, remains unclear; The Romans crucified many during their reign, a heinous and cruel public display reinforcing their power over the people. Yet the Holy Shroud shows a proportional accurate likeness of a man around 6 ft. tall demonstrating body characteristics which seem to coincide with people living during the era. Recent scans of the Shroud also indicate the possibility Jesus might be holding the nails used in his crucifixion. Whomever the image represents, mysteries of the shroud remind us of a time in history that remains dear to millions of people around the world to this day.

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