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Musical Pattern Mysteries of Rosslyn Chapel

Rosslyn Chapel Musical Cubes
Rosslyn Cube (Fg. 7-1)

Ernst Chladni originally documented the appearance of musical patterns in 1787 by vibrating a fine powder on a metal plate to frequencies of sounds. Since the discovery, these mysterious patterns have been dubbed Cymatics by modern science. The very interesting thing is that Ernst's 18th century discovery appears to be found in the 15th century Rosslyn Chapel. Thomas Mitchell spent 20 years attempting to unlock this ancient mystery, examining 215 blocks presumed to be encoded musical cubes found along the pillars and arches inside Rosslyn Chapel. Each block seems to show a clear understanding of Cymatics well before Chladni's time. Freemasons designed and built the chapel to include symbols of the Knights Templar, believed by some as a preservation of the society's secrets. Geometry of sound dates back to ancient Egyptian and Chinese cultures. It is also a key belief in Freemasonry's structure of life in the cosmos. For inquiring minds alike, these musical cubes are definitely intriguing on multiple levels, and present an entirely new a sense of dimension to Rosslyn Chapel's mysteries.

Apprentice Pillar

The Apprentice Pillar
Ap. Pillar (Fg. 7-2)

Do these cubes hint at a secret language, or knowledge carved into chapel walls? Along with theories of Rosslyn being an inter-dimensional portal, the musical cubes add to its complexity suggesting it is definitely more than a temple of creative celebratory decoration. Another beautiful artwork found within Rosslyn is the famous Apprentice Pillar. At first glance, a twisting design wrapping around the pillar seems to represent the double helix structure found in DNA molecules. This is the same structure synonymous with most renditions of the Tree of Life found in the artworks of several ancient cultures around the world. Perhaps the musical cubes are able to unlock a secret knowledge of life, or at least part of the missing information mankind has somehow lost to history. Studying Rosslyn may provide us with a deeper insight about mankind through music, and help us to further understand complex artworks of the Knights Templar.

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