Ancient Mysteries & Unexplained Phenomena

Oak Island Treasure Hunt

Oak Island Helicopter View
Overhead Map (Fg. 3-21)

Off the coast of Halifax, Canada, rests a very ingenious theorized treasure pit on Oak Island. In 1795 a teenager found what appears to be an underground shaft, later revealing alternating layers of foreign flagstone and timber. As excavations take place, and at a certain depth, the main shaft fills with salt water preventing the workers from continuing any further. After several failed attempts they discovered the core shaft is built with feeder tunnels stretching to the ocean, designed to deliberately flood the area when any of the tunnels were hit. Experiments using red dye traced three tunnels connecting the shaft out to sea, with the possibility of more further down. With obvious evidence of a type of hydraulic protection system and several strange markings found on stones around the island, many theories of what lies below have spawned.

Trace element testing has shown higher than normal concentrations of mercury and radiation in some areas. One mysterious discovery came from a small camera maneuvered down a tunnel, finding remnants of tools, some said to look ancient while others appear futuristic and beyond our time. To some, the ancient Oak Island hydraulic system is also considered a money pit. Over the years, the pit has faced numerous excavation attempts, including those from notable individuals like Franklin D. Roosevelt. The system is very elaborately built as if to hide something of great importance, or perhaps less likely as an extremely sophisticated prank. Theories have connected the Knights Templar to the site, claiming the Ark of Covenant or Holy Grail must exist deep below. Templar connections are often backed by skilled construction of the site, and the fact a number of prominent Knights and Masons have attempted to retrieve the pit's contents. Video footage counters the idea of natural formation as the stone tunnels are chiseled into shape consistently throughout. Retrieving artifacts from those tunnels may help decipher many mysteries surrounding the money pit, but doing so has proven to be a difficult task in itself.

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