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Revealing Destiny and Life Numbers

Numerology Patterns
Three Egyptian Ankh (Fg. 39-b)

The study of numbers dates back many thousands of years, from the occult to scientific discipline, people have long devised ways to equate the human experience in the form of numbers; Similar to the Egyptian Ankh on the left showing three breaths of life or three keys to the Nile. Numerology is one way to look for hidden meaning in life, by examining how numbers affect time and mankind's position within it. At the heart of Numerology, each number represents sets of characteristics in time, and meaning may be found by interpreting the sets and patterns.

Names and events are converted into a single digit which is then matched with number meanings to explore the significance. Patterns in these numbers are sometimes plotted in 3x3 matrix diagrams and charts to visually represent how each number connects to each other, or to other people. Charting patterns can reveal deeper insight into an individual's values and personality traits which may have been previously unnoticed.

Equating letters to numbers is the next step in deciphering hidden meaning in names, which stems from ancient Hebrew, Greek, Hindu, and Sanskrit languages. In the English language, letters are grouped in sets of three with each set representing a number. These are:


With the sets defined, the next step is to take a name and equate it to numbers letter by letter. For example "numerology" translates to 5-3-4-5-9-6-3-6-7-7. Next, add those numbers together to get 5-5. Add those for 1-0, and add those to get 1. By the characteristics described, the word "numerology" associates to self-awareness, leadership, and personal resourcefulness, which does seem to fit.

Part of understanding Numerology is the ability to equate different names and numbers together to potentially discover a relationship, like Saturn (3) and the Moon (3), or the Sun (9) and Jupiter (9). This can be done with any name or date, and to make things a little easier we created a calculator. The calculator below does this math quickly, without having to write the whole sort out, to find Destiny and Life numbers. The Destiny number is usually calculated using a full unabbreviated name and the Life number is calculated with a full birthdate in numbers. With this calculator, any phrase or name using letters and spaces can be entered as the Destiny, and any sequence of numbers entered as the Life Date.

Understanding the meaning behind each number is helpful for discovering patterns:

  • Number (1) associates to self-awareness, leadership, and personal resourcefulness
  • Number (2) relates to conscious recognition, duality, and emotional feeling
  • Number (3) encompasses self-creativity, an extrovert tendency, and self-starting initiative
  • Number (4) projects a logical, practical, and material world understanding
  • Number (5) exemplifies learning, tolerance, and the ability to adapt
  • Number (6) is theoretical, imaginative, and often abstract
  • Number (7) focuses on time, self-discipline, and a connection to spirituality
  • Number (8) relies on balance, the unconscious mind, and material transformation
  • Number (9) is for divine love, completion, and Karma

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Disclaimer: The numerology calculator does not retain information entered into the form.

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