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Gozo Malta Ggantija Temples

Gozo Malta Temple Complex
Gozo Malta (Fg. 3-17)

Two megalithic structures found on Gozo, the second largest Maltese island, called the Ggantija Temples, date to around 3,000-3,600 BCE. Both temples were dedicated to the goddess of fertility with a legend describing a giant named Sunsuna who built the temple walls in one day and one night while nursing a baby. Several very large stone blocks are used in the construction while many of the doorway slabs feature round holes similar to the offering holes found in the floors. Numerous stone spheres have been found with indications suggesting they may have been involved in moving the megaliths.

Symbolic to the miracle of life, Gozo temples are a great example of a mysterious megalithic construction that our ancestors have utilized oral tradition in order to understand their importance. It is possible the temple complex existed before the Malta discovered them, giving a potential reason why their construction was said to happen in one day. Or, perhaps along with the goddess of fertility story, clues in the construction of the temples themselves may point us in a direction to understand their purpose. For example, offering holes found in the floors and on doorway slabs could be openings for feeding animals. Meaning they might not really be temples, but instead used as a type of primitive stables to draw from during drought or unfavorable seasons.

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