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Ghost Investigation Field Equipment List

Studying the paranormal and related unexplained mysteries is steadily making its way into the mainstream as coordinated group efforts continue to experiment and test boundaries of phenomena discovery using specialized equipment fit for the task. Since the dawn of ghost hunting gatherings, investigators looking for ways to discover entities from another realm or even those from the crypt, have leveraged many different types of devices to in attempt to provide scientific evidence of a spirit or apparition.

Often met with skepticism due to being on the fringe of a living world, ghost hunters have utilized many electronic devices such as EMF detectors and EVP recorders to amplify visualization and auditory activity in any given area. These devices have been added to an arsenal of infrared video cameras, thermal imaging devices, and enhanced digital cameras in attempt to capture spirit phenomena evidence reported all around the world.

Some believe the scientific discovery of ghosts may bridge the real world as we know it to an alternate dimension. Due to hoaxes, staged hauntings, and skeptics, investigators have turned to organized group ghost hunting while using as much equipment as possible to document any evidence discovered. Despite the controversy, there are many dedicated believers and a growing population of ghost investigation teams searching to find out the truth behind paranormal activities.

Below is a list of common equipment found in a ghost investigators tool box, along with a brief description of what the device is used for or capable of. Keep in mind, ghost hunting requires a creative approach and equipment may need to be mixed and matched to develop an alternative way of monitoring a situation. Attempting to break through to an alternative dimension is not an easy task by any means, and with that, it could be any combination of complex or simple devices needed to listen in, view, or even visit the dimension.

Digital Voice Recorder
Digital VR

E.V.P. Electronic Voice Phenomena
Sessions involve recording the audible frequencies in an area using a digital voice recorder. At times the recorder picks up voice anomalies otherwise not heard by investigators during the session. Often enough these records only catch one or two words, usually in response to the investigation questioning tactic.

E.L.D. Electronic Listening Device
Net type investigations covering much larger areas may use different types of electronic listening devices that have increase sensitivity for picking up audible noises. ELD recording can be performed from a range, further reducing the chances of vocal contamination due to unforeseen acoustic refractions.

E.M.F. Detector - Electromagnetic Field Display
Changing magnetic fields can indicate elevated activity in an area, and are most often associated with haunted locations due to large concentrations. Detecting EMF is an efficient way to locate highly electromagnetic areas, such as fear cages, unshielded high voltage wiring, faulty wiring contacting metal objects, or completely unexplainable phenomena.

Flir Handheld

F.L.I.R. Forward-Looking Infrared
Thermal imaging an investigation site is a complimentary way to visually record, verify, and correlate any findings. Detecting heat signatures from objects is a quick way to identify changes in temperature that might be contributing to strange phenomena. Investigators have reported sudden feelings of being cool, or breezes of cold air and significant temperature changes when ghost activity picks up.

I.R. Night Vision
Infrared night vision cameras are versatile and extremely helpful for night investigation cases. Compact versions of these cameras allow attachments to headpieces for point of view vision of scenes with minimal interference to investigators. When multiple I.R. cams are setup strategically, one or two people can monitor a much larger area that might not be covered on foot alone.

Tri-field Meter

Tri-Field Meter
Checking for fluctuating electric fields can be made a bit more interesting with a three-in-one device used as a Gauss-meter, E.M.F. and Radio Field detector, called the Trifield. Especially useful about the Trifield is its ability to switch detection methods on the move, a big benefit to cross-checking detection equipment for energy leaks as well as analyzing an area for paranormal entities.

Full Spectrum
Often when ghost hunters speak of Full Spectrum cameras, they're referring to a modified digital camera with components removed or replaced in order to capture full spectrum images and video. This means the modified camera can see in both IR and Ultraviolet, on top of the normal visible spectrum they're designed for. Being able to see light the human eye doesn't normally pickup is advantageous to deciphering anomalous situations.

Laser Nets
Setup to project a series of laser points in a mesh design, Laser Nets cover surfaces in the dark for the purpose of pin-pointing entities, and are then monitored by IR or thermal cameras. The idea here is that if anything obstructs the laser points, investigators may find it on film and attempt to identify it.

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