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Our goal as ancient mysteries researchers is to contribute to the growing resource of available knowledge about our past with the intent to one day be part of an amazing discovery, perhaps one capable of changing our perception of life as we know it. By donating computer time when our computers would be idle, MysteryPile is helping crunch data for large distributed grid computing platforms.

Many computer research projects we are involved with relate to our past, the cosmos, and may create a significant impact on the future of mankind when resolved. SETI, for example, is searching the night sky for signs of extraterrestrial life, and the MilkWay project is establishing for the first time a map of our own galaxy.

Team Ancient Mysteries contributes GPU compute cycles on a regular basis to the astrophysics Seti@home search for extraterrestrial life, Map the MilkyWay, DistrRTge Rainbow Table password security, Cosmology search for a model of the Universe, cure for Malaria research, Einstein@home gravitational-wave sourcing, physical Asteroid modeling, and Quake-Catcher Earthquake sensing. The team is BOINC-wide accessible to join with a number of volunteer Berkeley and Stanford supported grid projects to help out. These are megalithic goals requiring the resources of a large number of computers, and as technology improves, the amount of data needing to be deciphered will continuously grow as more mysteries are uncovered.

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