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Dead Sea Scrolls of Qumran

Ezekiel Visioning the Chariot of God
Ezekiel's Vision (Fg. 2-8)

Nearly 1,000 previously unknown texts discovered in a series of caves marked as the ruins of ancient Qumran, have become one of the most significant historical finds of the century. The large collection of scrolls were found locked away in a cliff-side, isolated from more common travel routes in the Dead Sea area. Among the ancient scripts, archaeologists discovered a strange copper scroll which doesn't seem to fit with theories regarding those who created other scrolls found in the cache. Writers of the Dead Sea scroll appear to be from a sect who followed fundamental Christian tradition including a principal of remaining poor in wait for the apocalypse - Yet the copper scroll translates into a treasure map.

The series of forgotten, or ousted religious texts known as the Dead Sea Scrolls are considered as one of the oldest known Biblical collections surviving from an era of religious reform, providing valuable insight of how people lived at the time. Dead Sea Scroll texts are of particular interest to ancient alien theorists, more so than the copper scroll, for the divine throne chariot script, inspired by the books of Ezekiel and Revelation, described as a Merkabah, both lifted and powered by cherubs. Each cherubim is credited for making a little noise as it folds wings, though the Bible does not mention this at all in Kings.

An area below the throne seat is described to have turning wheels where angels come and go coupled with an array of beautiful colors. As the Throne-Chariot is indeed written as the vehicle of God, descriptions definitely seem to build a picture of some sort of ancient flying device using available interpretations from our ancestors at the time. Furthermore, literature on the Merkabah is scarce because the subject was forbidden in the Mishnah to share any knowledge or understanding of the Merkabah with anyone less knowledgeable. Maybe the mysterious copper scroll falls into a similar category whereby its knowledge as to the true treasure may only be revealed to those with a similar level of understanding as the Merkabah.

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