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Coral Castle Stone Sculpture Garden

Coral Castle Garden
Coral Castle (Fg. 3-20)

With a 20th century anything is possible vision, Ed Leedskalnin created a masterpiece coral stone sculpture garden in the 1930's by himself that defies explanation. A single, five foot tall, hundred pound man was able to hang a nine ton gate which pivots effortlessly with a single touch, inviting guests into a rock garden of amazement. Included in the wonders is a thirty ton Polaris aligned telescope as part of the one-hundred and fifty ton North Wall and Throne Room, fully functional coral stone rocking chairs, tow and a half ton heart-shaped table, a single piece stone spiral staircase, and a operational turnstile weighing three tons resting on an old vehicle bearing.

Estimates claim Leedskalnin quarried over 1,100 tons of coral rock in order to build the gardens. Mystery has engulfed the area with questions attempting to figured out how he managed to build so largely, completely alone, and with such precision; something that undoubtedly would be attributed to an entire ancient civilization. Ed is most famous for the stone undercut, a precise cut under the quarried stones which has not been explained by modern masons. There are witnesses who believed they caught Ed moving these blocks through the air and Ed himself wrote once how he discovered the way in which the ancient Egyptians built. So far, modern science has not entirely figured out these unique construction methods and remains baffled. Some have even gone so far as to claim he discovered a way to use the geo-magnetic grid to generate anti-gravity waves. Inside the tool room there are many different types of pulley systems, devices that appear to be electric motor parts, wire-wrapped bottles, and other related electrical components. It is also important to note the recording at the start of the tour (from his notes) - Ed states a three year duration to move the castle from locations, contrary to the idea of an over night miracle. He also confirms in the recording, dates which are carved on the Obelisk piece: Made 1928, Moved 1932, Born 1887, Latvia.

During the tour we had a special experience of our own as we were closely followed by a curious Rock Agama lizard. He would peak at us through some of the rocks and appeared quite a few times when we were least expecting it. A few of the photos and some video footage features our pleasant friend. It did seem as though he might have been carrying Ed's spirit, something we definitely felt privileged to experience.

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