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Connecting Pyramids with Geographic Mapping

Ancient and mysterious locations of peak interest can be connected along the same belt, around the world between 20° and 32° north latitude. The belt also connects the Bermuda Triangle and Dragon's Triangle, tending to be an epicenter for anomalies and geomagnetic fluctuations according to some theorists. Then there is one little known location along this belt, Mexico's Zone of Silence. The area is considered a dead-zone, where radio and electronic equipment do not function. The area also is known for attracting meteors and other flying objects such as test projectiles.

Why are there a great number of key sites mysteriously located along the same line around the world? Some conclude it's a mere coincidence or attribute the locations to natural environmental conditions such as longer and warmer days allowing for the building of larger, more complicated structures. Proximity to the Tropic of Cancer is common with ancient pyramid sites from Teotihuacan in Mexico, to Tenerife (Guimar) in the Canary Islands, to Ancient Egypt, and Xi'an in China. A line of large pyramids connect in a line from West on the Tropic of Cancer, to North East crossing the globe.

Map of the World with a connecting line drawn across
Connecting the Pyramids (Fg. 7-10)

A newage theory suggests the spiritual connection of Earth is held together inside by a tetrahedron of energy, Toroidal Vortex Flow, and that the pyramids are located at the points where the tetrahedron meets with the Earth's surface. This could explain exactly why the pyramids around Earth are located in their exact positions, as a way to amplify and/or harness the spiritual energies of the planet. The tetrahedron is known as a closed isometric crystal form and utilized in Crystal field theory as the second most common complex where four molecules form a tetrahedron around a metal ion which has been used to account for some magnetic properties of transition metal complexes. In other words, the tetrahedral symmetry of the Earth's magnetic field might account for pyramid location around the world. Geomagnetic anomalies like the Sedona Vortex, Bermuda Triangle and Devil's Triangle have sparked further research in attempt to discover why these areas across the globe behave the way they do. An evolved field of science called Tectonomagnetism, for example, is a method of monitoring changes in the Earth's tectonic plates and how those changes relate to Earth's geomagnetic field.

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