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Bosnian Pyramid Complex

View of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun
Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun (Fg. 3-22)

Located in the Visoko Valley, the Bosnian Pyramid Complex is currently known as the first pyramid discovered in Europe. Ruins of a medieval town believed to be the site of Bosnian king Tvtko of Kotromanic were found on the flat top along with an entrance to the complex. Throughout the site, four other large structures have been identified as pyramids of the Sun, Moon, Dragon, Love and the Temple of the Earth due to distinct similarities to the pyramid complex of Teotihuacan. According to a geological team report conducted by the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Association of Geologists, the Bosnian Pyramids are estimated to date to 32,000 BCE which significantly out-dates Egyptian pyramids by approximately 27,000 years. Needless to say, this find has rocked the geological world. An important note here though is that scientists across the globe have accepted the geological dates on the basis the Bosnian Pyramids were actually formed naturally and are sometimes referred to be flatirons which are found throughout the world. Despite evidence leaning toward natural processes, building evidence and discoveries are beginning to point the pyramid to be entirely man-made.

Massive underground tunnel systems unearthed at the site have revealed an intricate system connecting the pyramids. Each branch of the tunnels are ventilated every 30 meters and contain sandstone monoliths engraved with symbols of an ancient writing system. The tunnels were once used by the Yugoslavian army during the period of communism, similar to those used in Croatia. Since large parts of the tunnel system needed to be excavated scientists can only pinpoint up to 10 meters of tunnel actually used by the Yugoslav army. Recently, about one mile away from the Bosnian Pyramids, scientists discovered a very large sign composed of six letters similar to ancient writings found inside the tunnel systems. Each letter is approximately one mile long and nearly 800 meters wide and the meaning of the word is up for debate.

Coupled with the Bosnian Pyramid controversy, around 20 spherical stone balls similar to those found in Costa Rica can be found across the Bosnia region including a one meter size ball cut completely in half. The spheres are made from granite and not finely polished like their Costa Rican counterparts. Several smaller holes scatter their surfaces which lead scientists to believe they were most likely formed by natural processes like the shaping of rocks by water over long periods of time. The actual amount of granite spheres located throughout Bosnia is debatable with current discoveries chalked up to nothing more than accidental finds during pyramid excavations.

The Archaeological Park Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun foundation has published a call to the public for volunteer help in excavating the enormous site. Scientific research teams have also been assembled to help, including experts in the fields of anthropology, architecture, engineering, geology, paleontology, and medicine. Bosnia is well aware of the implications of this pyramid site and its potential impact on modern science once fully excavated.

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