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Ark of the Covenant

The parade around Jericho
Parade Around Jericho (Fg. 2-3)

Prophet Jeremiah spoke of a time when the land is filled with people, the Ark of the Covenant will no longer be talked about and even the thought of it would not enter anyone's mind. Present day would seem to follow suit with the land being filled with people, but there are many who still talk about, research, and are trying to find it.

According to a vision on Mount Sinai, God commanded Moses to construct an Ark to house sacred tablets of the covenant. Ancient Biblical accounts suggest it provided direct communication with God especially in situations where it is documented to have a great deal of power over conflict. The book of Joshua talks about the destruction Jericho by rams' horns after the Ark was paraded around the city for seven days, and how the river Jordan was parted by its presence.

Several ancient accounts, and some found in the Bible, describe adverse affects of the Ark, almost as though it might have been radioactive on some level. In the book of Samuel there is specific reference to people begging Philistine rulers to send the Ark back to its own country before it kills everyone, as the hand of the Lord was heavy and devastated the people of Ashdod with tumors. Further references claim those who touched the Ark died instantly or shortly thereafter.

The last known resting place on record is believed to have been around 650 BCE, at Herod's second Temple in Jerusalem. A mysterious copper scroll found in 1952 near the same cave area as the Dead Sea Scrolls suggests the Ark was among sacred objects listed to reside in the Temple until its 70 CE destruction. Similar to the other religious artifacts, many have searched meticulously over the years in hope of its discovery, and some researchers suggest the Holy Grail might be found inside. Oak Island tunnel systems have recently revealed elevated levels of radiation suggesting the reason for building such an elaborate hydraulic system was to protect and hide the Ark of Covenant, especially if it was a radioactive device.

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