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Wilhem von Kaulbach's Angel of Peace
Angel of Peace (Fg. 2-1)

Cherubs and angels are an integral part of many cultural belief systems world-wide, and consistently associated divinely with the heavens. The name itself derived from Greek, Angelos meaning messenger, though many of the ancient Semitic languages such as Hebrew and Aramaic refer to angels as Malak. In the ancient Sumerian culture, archangels were those who fell to Earth following a war in the heavens. When closely examined, a significant relation between the naming of the archangels is found to share the suffix, EL, specifically referring to the their title Angel, and the suffix doesn't seem to be limited to archangel name designations. Appearance of an Angel is something that nearly anyone around the world is able to describe without discrepancy. Feathers and wings are a common element among Angelic deities in several cultures, combining the idea of flight with the flesh of a human.

Egyptian god Horus, and the ancient Goddesses Maat and Isis are normally represented with focus to their wings. Along with Assyrian god Ashur, the Greek Gods Eros, Boreas, Goddesses Iris and Nike. Sumerian Gods Nephilim, Elohim, the Anunnaki. Ninhursag. Faravahar. The number of winged deities stretches well beyond those made famous or documented in historical record. Feathered wings are often depicted on beings and objects considered divine in many cultures and are not limited to any one, single belief system. Essentially, there are many interpretations of types of winged humans that differ from culture to culture, only further increasing the mysteries surrounding angelic beings. Guardian Angels to protect and help guide in one belief system may also be Writing Angels in another, who write good and bad deeds down for later judgment. There are the Watchers and the Fallen, Nephilim and Anunnaki, and several other distinct roles any Angel may assume depending on the associated belief system and its circumstances. The bottom line remains though, the very idea of an Angel transcends many cultural belief systems into a single collective concept - A flying human visiting Earth from the heavens.

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