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Hatshepsut Mortuary Temple
Hatshepsut (Fg. 3-11a)

The Pyramids of Egypt have presented an unexplained mystery from their very presence in a modern world, and to every traveler visiting Cairo in the last few thousand years. How were they built? A question that definitely extends beyond that of the Great Pyramid to several structures found world-wide. Egypt manages to tie the very question to the pyramids due to their monumental scale. The scope of such a project seems so inconceivable that our ancient ancestors would've accomplished such feats. Several theories have suggested plausible building methods that may have been used throughout Egyptian constructions, yet solid and conclusive evidence has not been discovered. Its believed the granite used for building was transported from 580 miles away using the Nile River including slabs weighing up to 80 tons found in the burial chamber.

Debates continue to this day trying to unravel the mystery behind the pyramids. It's widely understood that Egyptians built to please their kings and gods, and with honor during the process. What cannot be explained is why they decided to build with such magnitude and precision, unless of course, it was easy for them to do. Modern archeology and modern science has not discovered any such process proving that moving giant stone blocks was easy for the Egyptians, but that doesn't necessarily mean any such evidence does not exist.

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