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Amphibious and Reptilian Humans

Kaliya Daman Naga
Kaliya Daman Naga (Fg. 1-38)

According to Icke, these reptile people arrived on Earth from the Alpha Draconis star system, located around 303 light years away, bound and bent to take over the world by possessing or replacing influential people in higher positions of power. Although David's conspiracies and science fiction stories might seem a little beyond scientific explanation, the idea of lizard or aquatic-like humanoids has long been a part of human history. For example, the previously isolated Dogon Tribe in West Africa believes in deities called Nommos, an amphibious race visiting the Earth on a sky ship from Sirius. They're not the only ones.

Amphibious and reptile humanoid deities are referenced in several ancient cultures such as Greek, Chinese, Egyptian, Aztec, Zoroastrian, Portuguese, Hindu and Islamic. There is certainly something curious about human desires to depict themselves as part snake, reptile, or any other animal for that matter. Perhaps these accounts are indications ancient deities did exist in the flesh, spawning legends for future generations based on real events. Or maybe it's a way of emphasizing extraordinary abilities of presumed deities to show what the gods are capable of as intimidation to humans. There is also an idea these sorts of amalgamations are simply imaginative beliefs and manifested curiosities of what a human would be like if actually blessed in part with specific characteristics of an animal. Some theorists even suggest this type of hybridization is evidence our ancient ancestors (and/or gods) experimented with transplant surgeries and DNA in order to create them.

Modern sightings of lizard-like humanoids continue to happen although they're not quite as common as reports of other creatures like Bigfoot, and they're often taken far less seriously due to both the type of controversies and countless hoaxes. In 1955, a businessman called the police after witnessing four humanoids with faces like frogs, crouching under a bridge not far from Loveland, Ohio. In 1972, police transcripts were apparently leaked to media and falsely reported by embellishing details of the creatures spotted.

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