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Acoustics of our Ancestors

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An area in history sometimes overlooked involves the concept of sound and audio phenomena integrated with complex structures either with the monument's core purpose as a significant property, or as a method used to complete the construction. Combining ancient building techniques with acoustics provides a whole new way of looking at the intended purposes, especially when those purposes may have been lost in history as the ancient civilization passed on.

Notably, stone Sarsen circle configurations are theorized to have specific acoustic properties designed to enhance or amplify sound waves as they carry throughout the monument area. These theories have been tested by various means to demonstrate a structure's sound-altering ability. A further examination at this suggests our ancestors used the stone configuration to emphasize rhythmic sounds during ritual practices.

Another theory for audio use in megalithic construction purposes an idea that our ancestors could levitate giant stone blocks by the use of sound waves. If this is the case, exactly how this process worked with heavy stone blocks remains a mystery. Scientists have managed to levitate very light objects in the lab using various sound frequencies, since audio waves are capable of pushing air molecules. When examining this theory further, researchers attempted to match the resonating frequency of two objects to move or affect another object with sound. At one point, Nikola Tesla experimented with matching harmonic vibrations of a large object, with a small actuator, in attempt to cause the larger object to resonate apart. His sound experiments were replicated, but the anticipated reaction did not occur.

Perhaps there is an acoustic scientific breakthrough waiting to happen, one that provides mankind with a deeper understanding of existence. Mysterious detailed constructions like Rosslyn Chapel suggest the idea of knowledge hidden within sound patterns, creating doorways to other realms. Research in the field of Cymatics adds to the Rosslyn concept by showing sound waves may be visualized as specific patterns. Together, the ideas open new research possibilities and inspire us to revisit ancient mysteries to see if audio might play a more significant role in unlocking an answer.

Last Modified 2019-09-21