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MysteryPile Structure (Fg. 1)

Welcome to an ever-expanding resource collection of articles exploring mysteries of our ancient ancestors, from strange and unexplained locations to the paranormal. The term, MysteryPile (fg. 1), has multiple-fold origination in meaning as a compound word. Mystery, referring to the unknown wonders of the world that we are researching to explain, combined with the duality meaning of Pile. One view is an amount, as a pile of mysteries. In the duality, it represents mysteriously massive pillars found supporting superstructures at megalithic sites around the world, a mysterious pillar. Together, we explore mysteries from the depths of human consciousness.

In this collection you will find many educational articles which are thoroughly researched and written in a non-bias manor. A study curriculum is also available with an in-depth course outline. Our goal is to provide tangible evidence and thought-provoking questions to inspire further research into several scientific and religious fields. We have no intention and do not attempt to change viewpoints on any of these subjects. We embrace professional opinions, sourced research, and the ambition to help ancient mysteries researchers discover the truth of our past.

Articles presented in the spirituality sections are written based on an overwhelming or unanimous belief that said artifacts do exist, somewhere in the world, yet exact details on a scientific level remain unknown or enshrouded in secrecy. How these subjects, or in other sections of the site, are interpreted is entirely up to the reader. We understand fringe topics in alternative sciences are controversial subjects, and in these realizations, a cautiously optimistic approach is necessary. The universe, we understand is largely unknown, and it is capable of constantly surprising our realities in new ways. It is for certain, we may find answers by asking the right questions and exploring alternative realms of possibility.

"The sense of astonishment is driven into primitive instinct so deeply that we strive to find ways to fulfill the thirst. Research is teaching us the ways of our ancestors, how their trials built foundations we live upon today." - J.C. Vintner