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Welcome to a growing ancient mysteries resource for those interested in research melding ancient alien astronaut concepts, natural/paranormal phenomena, human spirituality, sacred locations, music and space theory. MysteryPile explores collections of mysterious and unknown wonders of the world left by mankind's ancestors in an effort to create a single, unified idea. The sense of astonishment is driven into primitive instinct so deeply that we strive to find ways to fulfill the thirst. Research is teaching us the ways of our ancestors, how their trials built foundations we live upon today - Written by author

Theories and materials found here are thoroughly researched, then written based entirely on existing tangible evidence from the closest to neutral perspectives as possible. Articles may include questions to provoke inspirational thought with absolutely no intention of altering personal opinion. Certain mystery subjects in human spirituality and alternative science theories are presented based on an overwhelming or unanimous belief that said artifacts do exist, but have yet to be discovered or have been locked away from public access by private organizations. With thanks to the huge video library on YouTube, video included for each topic is designed to give readers instant access to an alternative perspective.

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